Saturday, 14 July 2012

new family members

Today I went on a course about keeping chickens ( and came away with 3 Pekin hens. The course was excellent and most importantly covered how to hold your hen and how to clip it's wings! Ben, the guy who ran it, was very friendly and full of useful advice - don't bother with that, do bother with this and as well as chickens sells all manor of useful chicken keeping equipment. It was about an hour from Cambridge but was the only place I could find with point of lay pekins. I already had a lovely run from these people: and had read loads of books and dreamt about them for a few years.

They are so funny with all their little noises and so friendly. They don't (seem to) mind being picked up and have enjoyed destroying the grass in their run.

I am just looking forward to the "joys" of chicken keeping - red mite and rats!!!!!

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