Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Walk round Cambridge 2

 Today we did the second walkcam2012 route - the yellow one which takes3.3 miles (or if you start at our house 7.8 miles). I had visions of enthralling the girls with my knowledge of all the sights we would pass (as I had the booklet with all the info in: http://www.walkcam2012.co.uk/#/yellow-route/4559390127) but they went on scooters and generally were so far ahead of me I couldn't talk to them. Some of the streets were narrow so care was needed so ensure everyone was safe!The walk had some lovely parts. I don't think I have ever seen the UL close up.
And I love the view from the Garret Hostel Lane bridge which is the only public bridge in this area and is the main thoroughfare for pedestrians and cyclists between the west side and the centre of Cambridge. It is really is steep however, supposedly to slow down cyclists. I love the view over Claire gardens and the river.
 I had never noticed these gargoyles on top of Caius before now!

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