Saturday, 21 July 2012

Punting and Hairy Maclary

Today I took E to the junction (, which always has great children's shows, to see Hairy Maclary. It follows several stories from the well known books well and had all the children in the audience joining in with the well known "Schnitzel von Krumm with a very low tum, Bitzer Maloney all skinny and bony, Muffin McClay like a bundle of hay, Bottomley Potts covered in spots,
Hercules Morse as big as a horse and Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy." The stories were well told using songs and actors dressed up as the dogs with 2 main human characters to link the stories together. And did E like it - Yes she did!

Then we met up with the others for a picnic by the mill pond and then went off for a spot of punting. The first sunny day of the summer and the river was busy. It is always fun watching those that can't punt fall in or lose their pole (although I can't either) although we did have several bumps.

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  1. Great photos of the river and the first one typifies what it can be like when it gets busy, although I have seen it much busier than that!
    Speaking from personal experience, even those who can punt sometimes lose their poles or fall in!
    If you would ever like to jump on a tour we will happily extend a 'locals discount' to you