Thursday, 26 July 2012

Summer at the Musuems - birds at the zoology

The museums always fill the summer holidays with lots and lots of mostly free events - some pre-bookable, others drop in and they always great (

Today we dropped in to the one held at the zoology museum and had a pleasant hour making different birds. P and E made a bird hat and G made an albatross picture. All the resources were there and the kids just got on with just a little help (mainly finding glue and sellotape).It was perfect for the girls and they had a fab time.

Then we looked at the birds on display and noticed a quiz about insects which we decided to do which involved running round the museum answering questions. Today I have learnt an ant lion which appears in the Moomin books is actually a real insect and that Darking beetles who live in the Namib desert have evolved modifications to enable them collect water from sea mist that condenses on their body.The quiz was probably more suitable for older than G (7) as quite a lot of the information I had to help her understand and find the answers.

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