Friday, 3 June 2011

bunting ... how very Boden

This morning we had a flying visit to see a friend from school and one of her children .. plus the chickens (I am soo jealous!)
Then I and G had a "how to make bunting" course at the Midlands Art Centre (in Edgbaston Birmingham). It was very reasonable at only £7 a child for 2 hours.  We (my mum, me, G and P) left them bunting and had a walk round the park and a play. E's favorite game at the moment is hide and seek - although she is not so good at hiding, giving herself away by giggling or hiding in the same place. She then told us, "We are going to play more hide and seek when we get back to the car" - humm! The girls really enjoyed their course and the bunting is fab! They made it with their names on - each flag had a letter on. It was done without sewing - just irons and glue!
It is things like this that remind me how different my girls are. I walked straight into the room, telling the lady running it she had spelt her name wrong; where as G held back and was much more nervous about it.
 We then admired the bunting and ate ice-cream!

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