Thursday, 23 June 2011

Marmite snails and busy spiders

Today I went to E's nursery as part of their cooking week to make Marmite snails - no photos because whilst I am more than happy to put photos of my children on the www - I know some people get worried about such things! They are so easy to make - puff pastry, covered with marmite (or passasta if you are not a marmite fan) and then grated cheese. Roll them up, cut into bits and then cook at about 200 degrees C for 12-15 minutes on a lined baking tray and ta da! SIMPLE

Then when we came home we did string painting to make spider's webs. First we read the Very Busy Spider and felt the web and then we dipped string in paint and made webs. They started off looking like webs but then the girls got a little carried away in the excitement - so they look less like webs! But it was fun and everyone got very messy :).

Oh and the other big news P took a step (but she also had her 1st injury not related to the step- she fell over and cut her lip)!

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