Thursday, 2 June 2011

Twycross zoo

Whilst visiting my parents in Birmingham at half-term we went to Twycross zoo. The car park was packed but actually once inside the crowds seem to disappear and we had no trouble seeing any of the animals - some a little too close for E's comfort. Twycross has lots of primates.  I think it was only the snow leopards we didn't see because they were hiding. The girls said there favourite animals were the meerkats, the penguins and the gorillas. They also had a few rides which were included in the price of the ticket. They had 2 suitable for E and 2 suitable for G and I (but not if you have a brave child hardened to theme park rides). The best one was a little train ride round the children's zoo. We stayed at the zoo for about 5 hours and saw most things - but by then E had had enough ... so we came home!

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