Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Hungry Caterpillars

Today I stole an idea I had seen on someone else's blog - I am so sorry because it was a long time ago I can't actually remember where! Anyway today we made the caterpillar copying carefully the book and the toy we have. We cut a 12 egg egg box in half (so one side looks better than the other) and E carefully painted the 1st egg hole red (for the head) and the rest green. We then left it to dry whilst we did the school run. Then I made holes in the head and E poked a purple pipe cleaner through and then painted some yellow eyes. I think he looks really cool!

Miss I has been away for a night with school. They took them to www.thebushcraftcompany.com/locations/cornbury  She has come back full of the amazing things they did; from collecting firewood and lighting fires, to cooking several meals, making shelters, swimming in a lake ("although I just paddled Mummy as it was very cold") to getting very muddy. She wants to go back - I do note they take unaccompanied children in the summer holidays


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