Sunday, 12 June 2011

A walk in the rain

I am so excited - today it has rained ALL DAY! Although I suspect we need several weeks of rain my grass is already looking greener! It was less good cycling back home in it - P was not impressed as she sits at the front and it was blowing in her face the whole time! Anyway husband had cooked a lovely Sunday lunch, some friends came over and then we went out for a very short walk in the rain!
We went to the Magog Downs ( , an area of chalk grassland just to the south (opposite Wandlebury). We have never walked their before, but it was lovely - lots of beautiful wild flowers, well marked paths and for those with dogs it has an off lead dog walk as well as a dog on lead walk (which we took as we have no dog).  There are also a number of benches to admire the views. I also imagine, had it not been raining, it would have been very busy!
After we have put on our waterproof coats and said hello to a dog we set off. Looking at the down, we turned right out of the car park and walked up a hill (I say hill, hills are clearly rare here and this one did offer a good view of Cambridge and is apparently good for kite flying).  WE then walked to Jane's piece which offered us a good view of Stapleford and some interesting holes in the hedgerow which we thought may be inhabited by Gruffalos. We then walked along the south down where we saw some sheep grazing. About half way along this path there were some steps up to your left which we took and then then turned right and walked in Magog wood. We then took the diagonal path along north down back to the car park.

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