Monday, 6 June 2011

Painting with shaving foam

I don't do enough messy play with E - I wish I did but I can't be bothered with all the clearing up!

However messy play is important; as well as being loads of fun it offers many educational advantages. Finding a link about the importance of messy play in the EYFS, Duffy says messy play allows the process of what Piaget called cognitive disequilibrium (where thinking has to change to incorporate new information). Messy play allows this by challenging children's interpretation of the world via exploration of different materials (  It also helps develop children's curiosity and encourages a positive approach to new experiences and can help develop concentration.  In observing, selecting and manipulating different objects and materials, children can identify simple features, similarities and differences thus helping language and scientific development.

Today I was brave and we got out shaving foam and food colouring. E was amazed at how the foam changed when it was interacted with and spend along time drawing in it. Then we added food colouring. She enjoyed being careful adding the colours and then mixing them up with a old chopstick. To be honest the printing on paper was almost unnecessary.

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